Infant Nutrition

Organize scientific advisory board meetings, round tables, seminars and workshops In one of the projects, a multinational B2B company wanted to offer their customers new innovative ingredients that are relevant for the infant nutrition market. Therefore, the company was interested in better understanding where research is going and what the next big innovation will be. […]

Specialty or medical foods

Renovating of a range of specific nutritional products for every life stage: A multinational dairy company wanted to renovate their senior and diabetes product range for their key markets. In order to come up with innovative ideas and provide our client with clear recommendations how to renovate their current products, we gathered information about the […]

Sustainable foods

Identifying start-ups working on sustainable products and/or technologies: Today, the industry is facing its biggest challenges due to overpopulation, climate change, virus outbreaks, stagnating resources and changing consumer demands. The industry is transforming to address these challenges and change the way we produce, distribute and consume food. New food startups are working on disruptive concepts […]

Nutrition Science Communication

Writing a fact booklet focusing on diabetes nutrition: In order to get a better understanding of the diabetes market, science and nutritional therapies, our client was seeking to get an overview of existing diabetes nutrition science, key products, and opportunities for oral nutrition supplements for the diabetes population. As output, they wanted a presentation and […]

Food innovation and future foods

Assist in developing new plant-based nutritional drinks with scientifically proven health benefits On an interim assignment, an R&D team was guided in order to develop new plant-based nutritional drinks with scientifically proven health benefits. On the basis of a GRAS dossier that was written, a new plant extract obtained the self-affirmed GRAS status. A human […]

Nutrition and health strategy

Creating a product development roadmap A biotech company with in-depth knowledge of the microbiome, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of microbiota-based products aiming to delay the onset of certain metabolic diseases. We delivered this biotech company a roadmap for the further development of their new product concepts. This project included identifying business scenarios […]