Who we are

We are passionate about nutrition science and innovation and like to assist our customers to bring new innovative and sustainable products to the market. Sandra Einerhand is the founder and head of Einerhand Science & Innovation, a nutrition and health consultancy that she founded in 2015.

Sandra is also the co-founder and partner of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative (NCC) in the Netherlands. Einerhand Science & Innovation can work together on multi-disciplinary projects in case that better fits our clients’ needs and wishes. On a freelance basis, we also partner with Presans, an open innovation consultancy firm. Together with Presans, we provide companies the world’s leading talents and experts on demand. Companies can tap into our comprehensive network of 6 million talents, scientists and technologists to tackle the most complex industrial challenges. 

Before 2015, Sandra Einerhand worked as Scientific Program Director for Danone Nutricia Research, and as Nutrition and Health Director for Tate & Lyle Ingredients and Lipid Nutrition. She was leading R&I programs to bring new infant formulas and food ingredients to the market with scientifically proven benefits yielding several patents.


For more detailed biography of Sandra Einerhand, please have a look at the below list or at the linkedin site and/or the research gate site.

Our vision

To make a sustainable health difference for people and planet by turning innovative science into sustainable business

Our values

Respect, Integrity, Creativity and Honesty

Our strengths

Service, Experience, Efficient and Knowledge

Our solutions

Our publications

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