Infant Nutrition

Organize scientific advisory board meetings, round tables, seminars and workshops

In one of the projects, a multinational B2B company wanted to offer their customers new innovative ingredients that are relevant for the infant nutrition market. Therefore, the company was interested in better understanding where research is going and what the next big innovation will be. Einerhand Science & Innovation offered the company to help organize and moderate a scientific advisory board meeting with different key opinion leaders in pediatric nutrition and some internal stakeholders in order to: 1) better understand the role of certain food ingredients in infant nutrition and to 2) identify novel food ingredient solutions to improve infant formulas and ideas that can be commercialized. This meeting was setup, moderated and the output was subsequently presented to the company.

Providing an overview of latest innovative food ingredients with health or functional benefits

A multinational dairy company offering a range of specific nutritional products for every life stage wanted to have an overview of latest innovative ingredients with health or functional benefits which could be added to their full infant formula range. Also, the company wanted to better understand the benefits that competitors highlight on their infant formulas (e.g. linked to microbiota, cardiovascular health, digestion, immunity). We provided the requested updated overview of health and functional ingredients offered by suppliers to date and with proven scientific substantiation for the claimed benefits. Also an overview of the latest ingredient trends and consumer insights and competitor information was provided for their markets of interest. This was offered to the company in a written format and presented in PowerPoint format to the company. This was used as inspiration for their innovation workshop in order to be able to renovate their infant formula range.

Writing position papers on infant nutrition related topics

Several position papers were written over the last couple of years. One of them focused on the use of palm – and rapeseed oils in infant formulas in the Middle East. Another one focused on human milk banking. In the latter case, a multinational food manufacturer wanted to understand if it should get involved in supplying donor human milk and related products to the neonates in neonatal intensive care units and neonatal wards by investing or partnering with (commercial) human milk banks.


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