Nutrition and health strategy

Creating a product development roadmap

A biotech company with in-depth knowledge of the microbiome, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of microbiota-based products aiming to delay the onset of certain metabolic diseases. We delivered this biotech company a roadmap for the further development of their new product concepts. This project included identifying business scenarios for  supplements targeting consumer markets and potential market entries for EU and USA. Based on a thorough analysis of the scientific and regulatory environments, we advised on communication strategies and a storyline for the product(s). 

Assistance in due diligence process

In several different projects we have assisted investment and food companies in their due diligence processes by assessing the market potential for certain food ingredients for specific markets in the world. A full assessment of the science behind these ingredients was carried out as well as an assessment of the competitive landscape and the commercial opportunities. Gap and Swot analyses were performed in order to come up with clear recommendations. 

Building science and writing regulatory dossiers (GRAS/Novel food dossiers) to demonstrate safety and tolerability of food (ingredients)

Every food product on the market needs to be safe and well tolerated. Over the years, we have assisted our customers in the process of submission of novel food or GRAS applications. We offer support in gathering/establishing the scientific evidence and getting regulatory approval from the relevant authorities. We have created a roadmap for establishing safety, designed/managed preclinical studies and human intervention studies. Interpreted the results and presented those to the clients. 

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