Sustainable foods

Identifying start-ups working on sustainable products and/or technologies:

Today, the industry is facing its biggest challenges due to overpopulation, climate change, virus outbreaks, stagnating resources and changing consumer demands. The industry is transforming to address these challenges and change the way we produce, distribute and consume food. New food startups are working on disruptive concepts to make our nutrition more resourceful, efficient and sustainable. We identify new and assist startups to bring new products & services to market. In 2016, we helped the Food Ingredient Global to organize a startup innovation challenge and are part of the judging panel. This innovation challenge allows startups working on sustainable products and/or technologies to pitch their ideas and connect them to investors and the food and beverage industry during the annual Food Ingredient Europe exhibitions. Also during this year’s edition exciting innovations will be presented that aim to answer the challenges of tomorrow’s customers.

Assist an innovative medium size company to develop a completely new plant-based product line:

We compiled the proper plant-based product recipes with the right amount of micronutrients in them in order to make legally allowed health claims targeting young active, health conscious women.


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