Our tailored nutrition and health solutions

Einerhand Science & Innovation offers high quality scientific advice and services like top line strategic advice, product innovation, (pre)clinical research designs, health claim substantiation, GRAS and novel food applications, interim project/team management, scientific papers, presentations or webinars. 

The following 6 main domains of nutrition and health science, food innovation and communication are covered. 

Nutrition and health strategy

Many consumers in today’s world seek foods that are good for them and the planet and industry is responding to this consumer demand. To address this consumer need, Einerhand Science & Innovation can offer our customers advice on their nutrition and health strategy, develop new product concepts with appealing health messages that are clinically substantiated. We design (pre)clinical studies in order to proof safety and/or efficacy of our clients products, and prepare the market for the future product launch. In summary, Einerhand Science & Innovation co-develop together with our customers along the whole product innovation process from the idea till the actual launch of the product. READ MORE

Food innovation and future foods

 What’s next for the food industry? The food industry is at the brink of radical transformation switching from business for profit to business with a purpose. An increasing world population, concern for our own health and our planet’s health, urbanization, digitalization, Covid19, changing eating habits, and consumer trust all contribute to the need for systemic change. As the industry continues to evolve, we support sector leaders looking to nutrition, innovative science and technologies to respond, adapt and grow. We also offer our customer experts on demand which bring knowledge and expertise to them or help them create their own. READ MORE

Nutrition Science Communication

Storytelling is becoming increasingly important, because consumers want to know where their food is coming from and what benefits they bring. Therefore we translate the latest nutrition and health science in effective communication messages that are easy to understand and relevant to consumers. Whether the communication is on health benefits or on more general nutrition information, we ensure that the communication is clear, truthful and legally sound. READ MORE

Infant foods

Nutrition in early life programs the infant for later life health. Breast milk is the best nutrition for the infant and a good source of inspiration to develop improved breast milk substitutes. With the longstanding experience in infant nutrition and a good market overview, we can offer customers in the infant formula industry nutritional advice to develop new products in order to bring them closer to human milk. READ MORE

Specialty or medical foods

The world is rapidly ageing. Although people are living longer, the additional years of life do not necessarily translate into extra time spent in good health. With the growth of the ageing population worldwide, more people will seek specialty foods addressing their specific nutritional needs. We offer our customers targeted nutrition solutions to help our customers develop innovative new product concepts to address the specific needs of the ageing population. READ MORE

Sustainable foods

Consumers nowadays seek foods that are doing good from them and the planet. Meanwhile, new technologies and disruptive startups are entering the food market with new approaches to food production, distribution and consumption. We support industry leaders by helping them to connect to start-ups, provide talent on demand and embrace new technologies in order to implement new innovations. READ MORE

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