Food innovation and future foods

Assist in developing new plant-based nutritional drinks with scientifically proven health benefits

On an interim assignment, an R&D team was guided in order to develop new plant-based nutritional drinks with scientifically proven health benefits. On the basis of a GRAS dossier that was written, a new plant extract obtained the self-affirmed GRAS status. A human intervention study was designed to proof the effect of this extract on blood glucose control and gut health. This new plant-based drink is launched recently. It will enable seamless, connected and healthy lifestyles utilizing the latest scientific discoveries. It symbolizes the companies’ commitment to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that truly integrate nutritional drinks into a healthy lifestyle.

Assisting in setting up the startup innovation challenge for FI Europe.

The most exciting innovations come from small start-ups who are largely unknown to the wider industry. Therefore, Sandra Einerhand, founder of Einerhand Science and Innovation, helped the Food Ingredients Global to implement the startup innovation challenge for FI Europe.  Since 2016, Food Ingredients Global is pleased to present some of the most ground-breaking Food and Beverage solutions currently being developed. The 2020 edition is no exception with about 20 exciting innovations that aim to answer the challenges of tomorrow’s customers. The Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge gives startups the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a jury of R&D experts, investors and major F&B industry company representatives. Since the beginning of this startup innovation challenge, Sandra Einerhand is one of the jury members.

Facilitate innovation by connecting to expert(s) in the world that can offer solutions

Together with Presans, the leading open innovation consultancy firm, we provide companies the world’s leading talents and experts on demand. They can tap into our comprehensive network of 6 million talents, scientists and technologists to tackle the most complex industrial challenges. Since 2015, we work together with Presans on a freelance basis and so far finished more than 10 projects successfully.

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