Specialty or medical foods

Renovating of a range of specific nutritional products for every life stage:

A multinational dairy company wanted to renovate their senior and diabetes product range for their key markets. In order to come up with innovative ideas and provide our client with clear recommendations how to renovate their current products, we gathered information about the latest healthy ageing trends, relevant health benefits for the ageing population, and determined the competitive landscape. These insights were presented at and used as inspiration during a renovation workshop organized at our clients head quarter. During the workshop, the first product concept ideas were generated together with the clients employees. After the workshop, the product rationale (“reason to believe”), the nutritional story and trademarked product logo’s were created. This was captured in a fact booklet also containing product rationale, scientific substantiation of the product benefits and the nutritional storytelling. The first set of products were already launched in different countries in Europe, Middle East and some Asian countries.


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