OUR LATEST SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION: A review about the role of the milk protein, lactoferrin, in the Battle against COVID-19 is published in a top journal

As the first author, I am very excited to announce that Nutrients MDPI just published our review highlighting the most relevant findings concerning #lactoferrin‘s #antiviral, #antimicrobial, #iron-binding, #immunomodulatory, #microbiota-modulatory and #intestinal barrier properties that support health of the two most affected organs in #covid19 patients (#lungs and #gut). Furthermore, in this review we explore the possible underlying #mechanisms governing its mode of action. The #review was published online within a month after […]

Einerhand Science & Innovation receives a Frontrunner Award in the category of HealthTech at the 2021 Go Global Awards

Einerhand Science & Innovation was announced as a Frontrunner Award in the category of HealthTech on the 14th October 2021, at the International Trade Council’s Annual Go Global Awards Ceremony. Einerhand Science & Innovation helps food (ingredients) companies to create healthy and innovative products without 1) making unsubstantiated health claims, 2) misleading the consumers, 3) […]

Science paving the way towards good nutrition from birth to adolescence

In this recent column, published in the latest issue of Agrofood Industry Hi-Tech, Sandra Einerhand shares several of the latest insights that can help pave the way towards good nutrition from birth into adolescence. The first few years of the life is a period of rapid growth and development. In adolescence too, the body undergoes a […]

Introducing a health care professional survey as a new service

The future of infant nutrition, according to healthcare professionals in Pediatrics For many parents, healthcare professionals (HCPs) offer the advice they can trust the most. That’s why it is so essential that the voices of HCPs be heard when it comes to developing infant nutrition formula. As part of a new service, Einerhand Science & […]

Sandra Einerhand won the Nutrachampion award 2021

Sandra Einerhand received the Nutrachampion award in May 2021. This award is dedicated to the celebration of the food industries biggest champions and heroes and was judged by a panel of independent experts. Whether it is driving new standards and policies, increasing public knowledge and interest in nutrition, or pushing for innovation and championing ingredients, […]