Introducing a health care professional survey as a new service

The future of infant nutrition, according to healthcare professionals in Pediatrics
For many parents, healthcare professionals (HCPs) offer the advice they can trust the most. That’s why it is so essential that the voices of HCPs be heard when it comes to developing infant nutrition formula.
As part of a new service, Einerhand Science & Innovation surveyed paediatricians, neonatologists and dietitians in the UK, the US and China to find out what parents and formulators alike need to know: which infant formula ingredients are perceived most important, and how do HCPs envisage the future of infant nutrition?

More than 450 HCPs were contacted out of a worldwide database of 6 million experts.

HCPs believe in the efficacy of a combination of ingredients:
‘We know that adding specific single ingredients isn’t always quite enough. Often, it’s a combination of ingredients that does the trick, such as a blend of HMOs, lactoferrin and MFGM, or pre- and probiotics.’ The complete overview of the results were presented at the Nutrition and Growth conference in August 2021

At Einerhand Science & Innovation, we leverage a combination of deep scientific understanding, market and industry insights to create high-quality nutrition solutions for our customers . The work is now supported by our new service, the survey conducted among health care professionals. If you want to get insights from health care professionals, please feel free to get in touch!

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