Sandra Einerhand won the Nutrachampion award 2021

Sandra Einerhand received the Nutrachampion award in May 2021.

This award is dedicated to the celebration of the food industries biggest champions and heroes and was judged by a panel of independent experts. Whether it is driving new standards and policies, increasing public knowledge and interest in nutrition, or pushing for innovation and championing ingredients, the NutraChampion award
celebrates those who have made a lasting impact on nutrition and the
nutrition industry.

The judges were most impressed by the breadth, quality and dedication Sandra
has shown in the pursuit of nutrition science and innovation of the highest quality.
The judges were left without a doubt that Sandra had built a list of impeccable
credentials and experience, whose body of work strived to make a difference to
people and the environment.

On May 12, Sandra received the award and below is Sandra’s acceptance speech:

It is my honor and privilege to accept the Nutrachampion award. I sincerely thank the sponsors of the Nutraingredients Awards for initiating the award, nominator dr Jan de Vries, De Vries Nutrition Solutions for nominating me, members of the selection committee for selecting me, and the organizers Nutraingredients Awards for hosting this NutraChampion award function.

It is certainly a very proud and humbling experience for me, for my co-workers and team members that I worked with in academia and industry over the years. Especially, I want to thank Dr Jan Dekker and Prof Hans Buller, my colleagues working at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and the ErasmusMC in Rotterdam. Together, we set up the laboratory of pediatrics, created a research  team and traveled the world to give presentations at conferences and talk about our research on the gut epithelial barrier function in health and disease.

Also my gratitude goes out to the people I worked with at Lipid Nutrition, Tate & Lyle Ingredients and the Danone Nutricia. I enjoyed the pioneering time at Tate & Lyle, when we helped to set up their Innovation Center in Lille. Without all these great experiences and support, I would have never dared to start my own nutrition consultancy Einerhand Science & Innovation

I also extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my current co-workers at Presans, Paris-based Innovation service provider, and at the Nutrition Consultant Cooperative. Being able to work with such experience people nowadays gives me pleasure and joy and pushes me to go the extra mile.

Lastly, I would like to thank my partner, family and friends I shared my hopes and dreams with. Without their help, this honor would not have been possible.

This award will always have a place of honor in our company Einerhand Science & Innovation. Thank you, again.

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