OUR LATEST SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION: A review about the role of the milk protein, lactoferrin, in the Battle against COVID-19 is published in a top journal

As the first author, I am very excited to announce that Nutrients MDPI just published our review highlighting the most relevant findings concerning #lactoferrin‘s #antiviral, #antimicrobial, #iron-binding, #immunomodulatory, #microbiota-modulatory and #intestinal barrier properties that support health of the two most affected organs in #covid19 patients (#lungs and #gut). Furthermore, in this review we explore the possible underlying #mechanisms governing its mode of action. The #review was published online within a month after […]

Einerhand Science & Innovation receives a Frontrunner Award in the category of HealthTech at the 2021 Go Global Awards

Einerhand Science & Innovation was announced as a Frontrunner Award in the category of HealthTech on the 14th October 2021, at the International Trade Council’s Annual Go Global Awards Ceremony. Einerhand Science & Innovation helps food (ingredients) companies to create healthy and innovative products without 1) making unsubstantiated health claims, 2) misleading the consumers, 3) […]

Science paving the way towards good nutrition from birth to adolescence

In this recent column, published in the latest issue of Agrofood Industry Hi-Tech, Sandra Einerhand shares several of the latest insights that can help pave the way towards good nutrition from birth into adolescence. The first few years of the life is a period of rapid growth and development. In adolescence too, the body undergoes a […]