Paarse HandWe are specialized in bringing tailored nutrition and health solutions to our customers around the world. We offer high quality scientic advice and services ranging from top line strategic advice, product concepts, (pre)clinical research designs, research grant proposals, scientific papers to giving presentations or trainings to your teams, your customers or to the consumers. Typically, we can address questions like the ones mentioned below among others.

  • How to design your R&D strategy and make new products with appealing health messages that are clinically substantiated?
  • What does the science say today and how can you use it to develop new product concepts?
  • What (pre)clinical studies you do need to do in order to proof safety or efficacy of your products?
  • To be innovative, do you want to combine knowledge and expertise which are partly outside your core business?
  • Do you face a particular challenge in innovation for which you seek outside help?
  • Do you need help to raise external funds to support part of development plan?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with scientific information and you don’t know what to make of it?
  • Do you struggle to translate science into health messages that are easy to understand and appealing to the customer and/or consumer?
  • Do you want to prepare the market for your future product launch?