To demonstrate health benefits of prebiotics, look beyond their effect on the microbiota and include metabolomics

This paper describes very adequately where we stand regarding demonstrating of health benefits of prebiotics. It highlights the main challenges and opportunities from a European health claim perspective.

The main challenge is: Given the complex composition of the microbiota, demonstration of beneficial effects of prebiotics is difficult if one only looks at changes in microbiota composition.

The main opportunity is: The exploration of metabolites, formed as a result of fermentation of fibers in the colon, offers better perspectives for providing mechanistic links between fiber intake and health benefits.

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Prebiotics, Fermentable Dietary Fiber, and Health Claims

Jan A Delcour, Per Aman, Christophe M Courtin, Bruce R Hamaker, and Kristin Verbeke 

Adv Nutr 2016; 7:1-4 doi:10.3945/an.115.010546

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